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Cloud VPS

Cloud Virtual Private Server

There's a lot of confusion about the term Cloud Server, Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Virtual Server. You can think of our cloud servers as your digital apartment, virtual mall storefront, cloud office, and/or personal cyber-storage unit. To rent one, you just tell us what you want in terms of space, operating system, number of CPU's, amount of RAM, and whether you need Database services, Managed Services, etc. We'll then rent you a custom built space to meet your needs. It has a lock on the door and you have the keys, while we maintain the building and the grounds. You do your business in your store, and we mind our own business.

All our cloud servers run on redundant servers utilizing the latest Intel® Xeon® Processors and include:

Our leased server plans are built around you. Customers who lease servers don't have to choose from a limited set of predefined packages. All of our leased server solutions are custom-built to fit your needs.

Server leases shouldn't bankrupt your IT budget. Whether you lease one or 100, we can get you into our data center for a fraction of your current server lease budget.

Some companies claim to monitor your server, but all they really do is ping it. Pinging tells you if the server is up, but it doesn't tell you if the services on it are running. At Midas Green Tech, we do more than just ping your server. We provide continuous, proactive service monitoring to ensure that your web servers, email servers, and database servers are running.

Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Our data center was designed to keep your data secure and to ensure that it is always available. With both UPS and diesel generator backup systems, you can rest assured that your server will be online when others are in the dark.

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